Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a five-member board that considers rezoning, preliminary and final plans, site plans and certain ordinance changes. The Commission is appointed by the City Council, and reviews applications in accordance with approved regulations pertaining to all zoning districts within the City of De Soto. The Commission also gives reasonable consideration to the character of districts and their unique suitability for particular uses, with a view toward conserving the value of buildings, encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the City and encouraging compliance with an approved comprehensive plan.

Regular Meetings Packet
  • Meetings as needed, 7:00 p.m
  • City Hall Council Chambers
    405 Walnut Street
    De Soto, IA 50069
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Planning and Zoning Members
Craig Stillman Dustin Padget
Bill Daly Mandy Pagliai
Scott Snyder  
Planning & Zoning AgendaPlanning & Zoning Minutes
09-28-2020 Agenda
07-20-2020 Agenda07-20-2020 Minutes
04-20-2020 Agenda04-20-2020 Minutes
11-04-2019 Agenda11-04-2019 Minutes
09-16-2019 Agenda09-16-2019 Minutes
07-23-2019 Agenda07-23-2019 Minutes
04-15-2019 Agenda04-15-2019 Minutes
02-18-2019 Agenda02-18-2019 Minutes
07-16-2018 Agenda07-16-2018 Minutes
12-18-2017 Agenda12-18-2017 Minutes
09-18-2017 Agenda09-18-2017 Minutes
08-14-2017 Agenda08-14-2017 Minutes
06-19-2017 Agenda06-19-2017 Minutes
05-15-2017 Agenda05-15-2017 Minutes
04-17-2017 Agenda04-17-2017 Minutes
Minutes Not Available
12-19-2016 Agenda12-19-2016 Minutes
11-14-2016 Agenda11-14-2016 Minutes
09-19-2016 Agenda09-19-2016 Minutes
08-08-2016 Agenda08-08-2016 Minutes
03-29-2016 Agenda
Agenda Not Available
03-29-2016 Minutes